Most clients see immediate results after one session! However, a treatment plan of 3-5 sessions is typically recommended in order to achieve optimal results. At Frozen in Time, we truly want to help you to be "THE BEST YOU" you can be! So we have created multi-booking discount packages which are formulated to encourage treatments in a series. For more information about our treatments, please schedule a complimentary in-person consultation in order for us to create a personalized treatment plan for you!

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1 Treatment Session


Get immediate results as fat cells are permanently destroyed in the treated areas. Most clients lose at least .5 inch after their first session. 

3 Prepaid Session


$225 per session when your prepay for 3 sessions.

SAVE $75 when you prepay and schedule three (3) CryoSlim treatments spaced fourteen (14) days apart!

5 Prepaid Session Package


$200 per session when you prepay for 5 sessions.

SAVE $250 when you prepay and schedule five (5) CryoSlim treatments spaced fourteen (14) days apart!

Complimentary Consultation

Learn more about our services and what we can do to help you reach your goals. You will meet with a Cryoskin Specialist for a one-on-one consultation. We will discuss your specific goals and perform an evaluation of the targeted area in order to create a personalize treatment plan for you.



Some fat loss and cellulite treatments can actually damage your skin. Where’s the sense in that? Cryoskin is completely non-invasive and uses science that works with your body’s natural systems. That’s why your Cryoskin sessions will be scheduled every 2 weeks, to ensure your bodies lymphatic system has time to recover leaving you to LOOK & FEEL YOUR BEST.


Preferentially destroys fat cells by lowering their temperature very quickly and briefly to about -15°F, which triggers apoptosis (cell death). Brief, targeted cold exposure avoids damaging surrounding tissue.


Cryoskin's technology also incorporates the Peltier Effect which allows rapid cycling between heat and cold. Results in beneficial thermal shock, which enhances tissue restoration through increased micro-circulation and collagen production.


The only non-invasive, non-surgical method for spot weight loss reduction supported by multiple independent scientific studies. Meta-analysis of 15+ studies concluded that cryolipolysis⁠ (spot reduction of fat achieved by freezing targeted fat cells) "reliably decrease[d] subcutaneous tissue deposits".


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